Quince, Walnut & Mango 
Created for KUKBUK, a Polish culinary arts magazine, these handmade paper illustrations of mango, walnut, and quince are meticulously cut and shaped. Each piece captures the essence of the ingredient, adding an artistic flair to the culinary narrative.

I began with sketches and a search for the characteristic elements of each fruit. Careful color selection was crucial to ensure that all three illustrations harmonized with each other. I then moved on to cutting and shaping the compositions from paper. The entire project was a solo effort, from sketching to post-production.

behind the scenes

Playing with light and shadow
"Marlena Stawarz's works are rich in geometric shapes, floral motifs, and intricate details. The artist first creates a sketch of the work, then cuts out the individual elements from paper. Using a stylus, she bends the paper and refines the composition. The results are photographs that find their way onto album covers, book pages, and the walls of homes. Paper is her material, but as she herself writes, "it's not about the flat sheet of paper, but about the solid, about the possibility of creating spatial works. About playing with light and shadow, but also about contrasts, lines, experiments."

KUKBUK magazine

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